Diapason EP

by Groupthink

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released October 20, 2005

Recorded and Mixed by: Groupthink
Mastered by: "Shhh" Productions

Thank you to our family, friends, supporters, SIUE faculty, Jon Spindler, Sally T's, Scott Harris, and anyone else who helped us along the way.



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Groupthink St. Louis, Missouri

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Track Name: Cure (Mother's Revenge)
Have we outdone our welcome?
Or have we resigned from natural life?

The earth was branded with a scar
That scar is us humanity
And this untreated, infectious
Scar spread transversely
Over her whole body
Spread over her entirely
Everything went right until the day
That she saw that her blood ran thick of utter sickness
In this home that we call ours

She’s going to overcome
She’s going to watch you burn it down
Track Name: The Vultures (They'll Starve)
Tell the sun to stay asleep, vultures circle my bed tonight.
I’m just hoping some light shows through the cracks.
Some just might…
These birds are predators of my hope.

They’ll Starve

The brightness greets my eyes with such acceptance.
Thanks to righteousness that everything’s okay.
This virulent life is still made.
Thanks to righteousness, that everything’s
Track Name: Racing to Red Lights
While not knowing right from wrong;
It’s hard to win a battle against your creator.
Not knowing right from wrong,
History clones it’s self while the future sits on the shelf.

One oar will put you in circles. Hey! One oar will put…

You inherit tattoos branded on your sense of judgment.
While not knowing right from wrong,
can blind your perception of hate and pacify it.
Not knowing how to revolutionize, leaves evolution racing to lights nor yellow or green

One oar will put you in circles. Hey! One oar will put…

We are racing
We are racing to…red
We are racing…
We are racing to red lights we’re racing to...
Track Name: I Know You
In doubt, I find myself asking who you are.
The highroad leads you under a blanket of fire.
Is it warm under there?

I know you…

Someday I will hold you under water and extinguish your cover.
And unlock the “you” isolated in the back of your mind.
Where is the door?

I Know You

Under your blanket you are naked and true.
But you have been tucked in already.
It is too late, you are asleep
Sleep tight…
Track Name: 2 Faces
Eyes Flexed, fists clenched, someone else holding your trophy;
the molding of a natural enemy.
It cuts shallow but scars forever. Blood arises to the surface and can’t spill.
Your inner peace is awakened but ready to kill…

Open eyes, closed mind, obvious to the intellectual consequence.
At this point our thoughts process nothing…nothing but nonsense.

Eyes open, you’ll see what you can’t handle.
Sew them shut, disguise will disappear.

Open eyes see “nothing”, but an open mind…what a glorious view…what a glorious view…
Track Name: Why I Am Where I Am
Lips…eyes…too heavy.
Rip me from my cover…
Peel my skin…
I’ll show you my insides,
I’m not dead yet.

Take me away from this way of life…

Lips…eyes…too heavy.
Rip me from my cover…
Peel my skin…
I’ll show you my insides,
I’m not dead yet.

Build me a home up where I belong…
Track Name: Sky Suite
Part I
Too naïve to separate a foe from a true companion, no time for espionage.
Like a sheep I was being fully oblivious to a wolf in camouflage.
I’m on the verge of teeming with confusion.
I can’t find truth without a map.
Like arms diplegic…hair over my eyes, with the scissors in my lap.
Like arms diplegic…hair over my eyes
and the scissors sit in my lap.
I was looking through a window at a place familiar, I see my worst enemy.
Like a fool I was
The window was in fact a mirror; I was face to face with ME.
“Is this an illusion?”
Or is this me drowning without love?

Part II
Feel For…
Live For…
Kill For…
Die For…

Part III
Footsteps up and down my back…
Feel for…
Live for…
Kill for…
Die for…
Feel for…
Live for…